What are the Accredited Air Charter Safety Regulations?

For the client’s peace of mind, these safety reports includes:
Safety Standard Type
Operator’s Information
Aircraft Certificate Number
Aircraft Audit Status
Aircraft Registration
Aircraft Year of Manufacture
Aircraft maintenance history
Total Time in Service
Details of Pilot, Co-pilot and other crew
Pilot training time



Things to consider when selecting an aircraft :

Empty airport lounge shot at night in front of the city skyline with airplane taking off against the bright lit of the city.

How much baggage will you be taking?
Do any of the passengers have mobility issues?
Are you traveling with your pets?
Will you be smoking or non-smoking?
Do you have a specific budget?
Do you wish to travel by turbo prop plane or by jet?
Is it a one-way journey or round trip, or would an empty leg be suitable?
How many passengers will be traveling?
Do you have any age preference for the aircraft?





How to book a private jet to charter?

The planning phase involves:
-  An initial consultation between you and a lead private jet charter expert on our trip manager.
-  Receipt of a detailed charter quote on the aircraft that is best suited for your approval selection
-  Once it is approved, we will send you our service agreement, which is then returned to us.
- A complete itinerary, including all of the pertinent travel information that you need for your flight.
- Enjoy your flight


How to make a payment?

We accept major credit cards, debit cards and bank transfers. All funds must be received and cleared before take off. For further information, please request our terms and conditions.

ASAP Travel:

A last minute “ASAP” service is available, as we always have a back up option aircraft on stand by for all our clients, free of charge.

Match your last minute budget:

Good value alternatives, such as empty legs and one-way flights that are massively discounted.
Let’s make your arrangements and get ready to depart.
You will get a private jet in as little as 2 hours.

Time frame:

Booking a private jet for charter can be done in as little as 2 hours’ notice.
We suggest that you present yourself at the airport FBO (Fixed Based Operations), 30 minutes before the scheduled flight departure.


Consult your physician before booking a flight and bring along a doctor's certificate if you are traveling while pregnant.

Medical Condition:

If you have any doubts about flying for medical reasons, we recommend that you contact a physician before travelling. If you require special assistance, either at the airport or on-board the aircraft, you should make a request for help at the time of booking. If oxygen or a wheelchair lift is needed during the flight, please contact us with adequate details about your request.

Children / Relatives with different parents names?

If your child or relative has a different surname to yours and is traveling with you, or you are a guardian of a child’s whose name is different, please make sure that you have a notarized consent letter that permits travel from the same name parent.

Private Jet / Aircraft Charter Pricing:

The instant quotes provided on our website are estimated, based on factors as determined. Please note that comparisons can vary and actual pricing may be different, based on the number of hours purchased and / or portions, the type of jet trip and other services purchased.

Quotes are subject to change, based on the actual flight time, number of overnight stays, weather conditions, crew requirements, special requests and availability.
There are no upfront fees or hidden charges.
Offers valid for 24 hours.
We provide the most competitive prices for your trip. The prices quoted prices are fixed and offers are valid for 24 hours only and include catering, landing fees, taxes, handling, fuel, flight time, crew and a free concierge at your service.

Empty Leg Pricing?

An empty leg refers to a private jet flying 'empty', when it is either en route to pick up a passenger or returning to base. When empty legs are scheduled, they may be flexible in terms of dates and airport departures and destinations with up to 80% discounts. Please contact us for further information.

Private Jet Charter Travel Tips

Always Travel with your passport.
Any special catering or dietary needs, even last minute ones, can be accommodated. Please let us know the full details.
Luggage for a small jet – you can calculate if there will be room for a suitcase per person, plus hand luggage. Any larger aircraft can hold up to 20 + large suitcases.
Departure times can be changed, but let us know as soon as possible. We will need to notify the operators and they will rearrange Air Traffic Control, as well as take off and landing slots for your new scheduled flight times.
To add extra passengers, please check in first to avoid any miscommunication.
Some destinations require the pre-clearance of passengers or have a short runway. There could also be a maximum number of passengers due to the aircraft’s weight limit, which is calculated prior to the flight plan.
Factors to consider in the decision include are the flight distance, number of passengers, runway length, where in the world you are traveling to, as well as your budget.
You can book a helicopter to get to unremote places.
If you plan to land a helicopter outside an airport then you will need the landowner’s permission. Please get in touch with us, as we can advise you on possible landing area worldwide.


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