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Marketing & Growth Strategy

Marketing & Growth Strategy


The customers who are not attached to us find our competitors for the solutions, some of the customers own their private airplanes, the costs of which is considerably higher than a charter.
There are a number of consultancy firms who are providing aviation consultancy solutions. These services are normally obtained by others on strong public relations from offering primary service of air charters.
Our founders are professionals with whole lives spent within this industry, they have strong linkages and public relations. This has allowed them to have a number of corporations and individuals on board as customers.
We also have some very innovative ideas regarding improving overall quality and stay innovative, which will be carefully crafted and implemented to create further competitive advantage among the market segment that we are targeting.
Due to our conventional business model we depend on the notion to retain individuals and corporate customers to use our services, this will allow us to have repeat customers and introduce stability in our revenues.

Every year new customers will be added to grow this dependable revenue stream which will allow us to achieve a consistent growth rate in the market.
With such a huge market it is easy to obtain new customers, our customers do not look for Sunday papers for the solution to their needs, this luxurious clientele look for partnerships and business relationships therefore, we need to direct our marketing strategy towards this. We will create more partnerships with groups and communities to get word of mouth publicity and retain the customer base to achieve growth in customers.
Future Plans
Among our long term plans is an effort to launch an Airline for the masses to match the pace of the Elite Forces of Aviation introducing Air Tickets on Private Jets and integrating Private Jets to Commercial Aviation. We also have plans to Lease three large jets for startup for the purpose of this airlines which has passed the stage of feasibility and have been approved.
We also wish to establish a dedicated research and development division to carry our sustenance projects such as; configuring the aircraft engines to consume less fuel. This will work towards promoting the evolution of aircraft interiors to be futuristic and economical for JSA.
Creation of partnership channels with websites such as Expedia, and introduce a dedicated e-commerce website is also in pipeline.
Through our existing and future projects, we want to generate consistent improving profits from for their sustenance in the long run in order to benefit the stakeholders and contribute our efforts towards a new era of aviation.

Next Steps...

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