Aircraft are leased by: Frequent flyers, Corporations, Airlines and Operators. The main reasons for this are:

1) To operate an aircraft without the financial burden of buying them and to save on the cost
2) To focus on growth
3) Peak season demand
4) No waiting time

Airplane cockpit in sunset sky.

About Aircraft Leasing:

- Safety and legal agencies make sure that they maintain the planes well.
- The leases range from 3-15 years.
- Half of passenger airplanes that are flying today are leased by airlines from aircraft leasing companies.
- It saves on economic uncertainty and offers flexibility.
- After buying aircraft, aircraft can find there is demand to have additional aircraft in service due to the vacation seasons. If so, We can step in and provide you with aircraft to cater for the spike in demand.
- If demand falls in the off-season, you can arrange for the aircraft’s early return.
- The total Investment capital in a large commercial airliner aircraft is around $100 million per aircraft. Whereas a fleet of 5 aircraft would cost $100 million if they where leased, instead of purchased. By taking leased aircraft, airlines are able to maintain a fuel-efficient fleet of the latest aircraft designs. This gives them have better survival options, economic decisions and traffic fluctuations.

4 Types of Aircraft Leasing

1) Dry Lease
The leaser provides an aircraft without insurance, crew, ground staff, supporting equipment, maintenance, etc, which are all the airline’s responsibility.
2) Wet Lease
The leaser provides an aircraft with a complete crew, maintenance and insurance. So it is more like a charter plane, but with your logo on it.
3) Damp Lease
This is similar to a wet lease, but the leasing company doesn't provide the cabin crew services.
4) Sale and lease back
An airline that buys an aircraft, sells it to a leasing company at the current market price. They then immediately lease the same aircraft back. Airlines typically purchase 100s of planes in bulk and then sell them to banks and lease them back. As the aircraft are owned by a leaser, the airline can save on the depreciation.




No minimum deposit
No restrictions on withdrawal of funds
No blackout dates
No membership fees
No over-marked up fixed hourly pricing
24/7 access to aircraft & services, 365 days of the year
Flight updates and notifications every step of the way

Customised, competitive solutions are available to help you meet your business goals.

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