We work with only the highest safety standards operators in the industry.

Aircraft Type: Piston, Turbo Prop, Light Jet, Mid-Size Jet, Super Mid-Size Jet, Heavy Jet and Airliners
We work with only the highest safety standards operators in the industry.

Very Light Jets

A.K.A VLJs. (3-5 passengers). Flight time up to 3 hours. Speed: 380-500m. Range: 1,320-1,400m/h. Hourly Rate: $2200 USD approx. VLJs have no lavatory, but are a very comfortable, cost-effective option as an air taxi. Examples: Cessna Citation Mustang and Embraer Phenom 100.

Mid-Size Jets

(5-9 Passengers). Flight time up to 6 hours. Speed: 420-530 mph. Range: 1,300-3,200m. Hourly Rate: $2700-$3600 US approx.These feature standup cabins, a larger galley and larger enclosed lavatory than light jets. They provide the best value, performance and efficiency for longer transcontinental flights. Examples: Learjet 60 and Hawker 900XP.

Long Range Large Jets

(10-16 passengers). Flight time up to 10 hours. Speed: 470-600mph. Range: 4,200, 7,300m/h. Hourly Rate: $6000-$10000 US approx.
Examples: Gulfstream G450, Global 7000.

Cargo Aircraft

Price. $250 million  The Antonov An-225, the largest cargo aircraft in the world, will begin a week-long flight schedule from its home base in Ukraine to South America this Thursday. The aircraft will load cargo at Leipzig/Halle before flying across the Atlantic and down the east coast of North America on its way to Iquique, Chile. From there the aircraft will make its way to Campinas to load new cargo and offload in Santiago.  Contact us to charter this aircraft.

Light Jets

(5-7 Passengers). Flight time up to 3/5 hours. Speed: 380-490 mph. Range: 1,500-2,300m. Hourly Rate: $2220-2800 USD approx. Economical choice for short to mid-range trips. Light jets have limited baggage capacity. The galley and lavatory are present, but there is no stand-up capacity in the cabin.  Examples: Learjet 45 XR and Hawker 400.

Super Mid-Size Jets:

(9 to 10 passengers). Flight time up to 6 hours. Speed: 430-600 mph. Range: 2,800-4,500m. Hourly Rate: $4000-5200 US approx.
With their incredible high-altitude capability and increased performance, these planes have the capacity to fly over long distances. The wide body cabin space includes spacious cabins, galleys and optional entertainment systems. Examples: Gulfstream G200 and Falcon 2000 DX.

Heavy Large Jets:

(12-18passengers). Flight time up to 14 hours. Speed: 500-600mph. Range: 5,600-7,500m. Hourly Rate: 7800, 12000 US approx. Examples: Global 7000, Gulfstream 650.

Turbo Propeller Aircraft

 (4-9 Passengers). Flight time up to 2-4 hours. Speed: 310-350 mph. Range: 1,000-1,200m. Hourly rate: $1800 - 2500 US approx.
Powered by a jet engine, without a stand-up cabin. They are economical and don’t require long runways to operate, but they offer limited baggage capacity.
Examples: The King Air 90, King Air 350 and Pilatus PC-12.

Super Light Jets

(7 to 9 passengers). Flight time up to 2 hours. Speed: 480-540 mph. Range: 1,600-2,600m. Hourly Rate: $2800-$2900 US approx. This is the fastest category of light jets, which are economical if you're traveling a short distance.  Examples: Learjet 45XR and Citation Excel.

Large Jets

(10-14 Passengers) Flight time up-to 8 hours. Speed: 460-600 mph. Range: 3,000-4,500m. Hourly Rate: $4900-6200 US approx. These are heavy Jets due to their larger cabin space, weight capacity and increased range. They have first-class seating with full pull-out tabletops, in-flight entertainment, external baggage, satellite and full galley. Examples: Challenger 601 and Legacy 600.

VIP Airliner:

(16 to 19 passengers). Flight time up to 14 hours. Speed: 600-650mph. Range: 5600-8,000m. Hourly Rate: 7800, 12000 US approx. Provides cabin space capabilities with full-sized lavatory and full hot galley. Features dining areas, showers and master staterooms, with full VIP configuration with on board, bedrooms, meeting rooms and showers. Examples: BBJs ACJ 19 and Airbus Elite.


Sikorsky S-76D is classified as a large helicopter, and can be used for the following missions: Corporate, Medical, Oil & Gas, and Parapublic. The approximate base price of this rotorcraft is $9.9 million, which is roughly as expensive as the average for its class. Can fly as far as 441 nautical miles on a tank of fuel, a range that's 14 mi farther than other similarly sized rotorcraft

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